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Wuzhen Guest House, Es ist im Norden und Süden Ufer von xizha Stadt Fluss verteilt, oder Blick auf das Wasser oder die Straße. Wenn Sie gehen und treten in die kontinuierliche xizha alte Straße, können Sie die Schönheit der Stadt Fluss durch Schieben des Fensters genießen.
Obwohl es ein B && B ist, gibt es exquisite Gästezimmer mit verschiedenen Stilen. Von Gästezimmer Design bis Geschirr Einstellung, es spiegelt den sanften Stil von Jiangnan überall.Jedes Zimmer ist mit modernen Wohneinrichtungen, einschließlich Klimaanlage, Wasserkocher, Telefon, Kabel-TV, Breitbandnetz und anderen modernen Einrichtungen ausgestattet.
In ihr können Sie sich vollständig in das lokale Leben integrieren, Haferbrei trinken und zu Hause am Wasserplatz spielen;Gehen Sie auf den Markt, um frisches Gemüse zu kaufen und einen Topf köstliche Fischsuppe zu würzen;Oder trinken Sie Baiju-Tee und trinken Sie einen ruhigen Tee.
Die ruhige und komfortable Altstadt lässt Sie nachts im Wasser schlafen.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Wuzhen Guest House?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 12:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 15:00 im Wuzhen Guest House.

  • Hat die Wuzhen Guest House einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Nein, das Hotel hat keinen Swimmingpool oder Fitnessraum. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Wuzhen Guest House ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Wuzhen Guest House Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Wuzhen Guest House eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Wuzhen Guest House Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wie viel kostet das Frühstück des Wuzhen Guest House?

    Frühstück CNY100 / Person.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Wuzhen Guest House?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY350, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • Freeman Li
    Good service, elegant environment, worth recommending?
  • Inoslin
    Very good travel experience. With my family, the boss cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's economical and delicious
  • ice1756
    I feel it.
  • fan0418
    not bad
  • lr1966
    The second stay at B & B 67 is very good.
  • a85231712
    Great location right on canal in Xizha. Not cheap but worth it to live inside the old town. Friendly staff..
  • E02275549
    The hotel is in the inner part of the scenic area, adjacent to the river. It's very quiet at night! Next door is Huang Lei's bar! There are trams in the scenic area. It's very convenient! The boss is a handsome man! Good attitude! The food is delicious too!!! I'll stay at his house next time!!!
  • benjamin
    The second check-in, the same great
  • Dale Sun
    It's really B & B, but it's all contracted as a whole. It's very commercial. Just have a look
  • Axinoo
    The B & B is clean and hygienic. The breakfast is also very good and delicious. Moreover, it is in the center and the price is reasonable. It is very suitable for a family to travel.
  • bumblebee
    B & B is managed by the developer in xizha, Wuzhen. The service attitude is very good. Luggage has been entrusted since check-in. Because we went late, we took a free battery car to the place where we lived B & B places should not be the same as hotels. They are all typical houses with water characteristics. The room style is the same, but different prices and different locations, this is the key point, that is to say, the location of the high price room is more beautiful, and the low price room is... One cent, one cent. We live in 56B family room. The boss and the landlady are very nice. They give us popsicles to eat. It's hot and it's warm. Breakfast was delicious. It's a lot for four people, but we all killed them. In a word, if you want to go to Wuzhen, you can get something from living in it.
  • dc2g521
    10 people pack a home stay. I like it very much!
  • nescape
    Very clean, especially the owner of 33 B & B buildings is friendly and the dishes are delicious
  • dr00000
    The hotel belongs to a home stay, and the logo is not obvious at night. It's difficult to find it for the first time
  • e00624424
    I live in a quiet home of 67 B & B buildings. The landlady has a very good attitude. The scenery at the door feels like the most beautiful section of the whole river. I'm very satisfied. I'll choose here next time.
  • ningan
    The location is prosperous and quiet. The environment is good. The boss has a good attitude. Stay next time
  • dayuprince
    Really good, children like it very much! Very quiet!
  • liangtao48314
    Good location and environment Wuzhen is a good place to come
  • foulalien
    70 B & B buildings. The family is very good. They treat guests like their own family. A person wants a suite with terrace. The scenery is very beautiful. It is along the water, close to the prosperous area of xizha, and the food is first-class!!!
  • nwl1364
    Mom and dad said yes
  • Jeremylulu
    The home stay on No. 70 is really good. I feel very good about the guest room. It is completely beyond expectations. I will stay next time!!
  • e00134701
    It's a pity that he didn't live by the water. The landlord Xiaocheng is very friendly. It's very considerate to give everyone a Wuzhen popsicle.
  • bus12
  • ybj830221
    We live in Miaoxi Street standard B apartment, very comfortable, good accommodation conditions, the environment is also very good, it is very convenient to go out to play. It's just that breakfast is very slow and can't be served at the prescribed time.
  • Benperfect
  • lgrlgr
    Family suite, two double bed rooms and one hall. The location of the hotel is very good. It is basically in the center of the scenic spot; The hotel is also very clean and antique, making people feel at home, ha ha. The landlady greeted us very warmly and gave us old popsicles when she gave us the keys. Breakfast is also very rich
  • a88086860
    I'm so satisfied. It's very recommended. It makes me feel rooted! excellent!
  • coral115
    The service attitude of the hotel was good.
  • atm012
    it 's not bad
  • isolated city night
    The surrounding supporting transportation is very convenient and good, the accommodation is very clean, the main breakfast is very general and has no characteristics.
  • lijiangdong
    Very satisfied with the room. The owners of 79 stores are also very friendly. They will stay in their house next time
  • Jerry._Liu
    The hotel is quiet and the traffic is convenient
  • cutpaper
    There will be no noise after 10 p.m. the landlord's food is very delicious, and children like it. Just remember not to give ginger and garlic, because it's the end, which is not easy to remove. Wuzhen is well managed. There are only two tables of rice to sell at home, so don't look around at noon, lest there is no place to eat. Wuzhen is only the most fun in the morning and evening. It is most suitable for walking and watching. There are too many people in the afternoon!
  • CPY2002
    It's not bad. It's a little far away. The bed is very big
  • cxsw210
    Wuzhen is very beautiful. The service is good. The hotel is a little noisy near the street. I took earplugs to travel, so it was good.
  • coscowj
    Very good B & B, breakfast is also very good. It's a little pity that the room has no windows. Generally speaking, this price is a good choice in the scenic spot. If you go there next time, you will choose B & B.
  • bear741
    I ordered it for my friend. My friend was very satisfied
  • Jimmy07
    very nice? I'm very satisfied. I hope xizha is getting better and better!
  • frog2006
    Yes, the location is convenient
  • duoerbao
    The scenery is picturesque, but there are too many people during the holidays. It's worth going!
  • fanfan_evian
    Space to be improved. It's OK to live in it for 2 days and experience it
  • coolaut
    It's a good place to travel. It's recommended
  • boliujia
    It feels good. The room is a little small......
  • edsoso
    Very beautiful misty rain in Jiangnan, the B & B experience is very interesting. The river flows down the house, the house floats on the water
  • tiantiande123
    Pretty good! Next time, I will choose or recommend a friend to choose a home stay
  • e02234936
    The environment is good. It's quiet enough. The service is also very good. Although the breakfast is simple, it's OK. The best thing is to have a battery car to take it to the B & B and the service desk
  • JeffreyCool
    Very good. It's worth recommending. I want to live in xizha when I come to Wuzhen. The night view is very beautiful
  • amy334421
    Good check-in experience. The room is antique and feels like an ancient town. Here, you don't have to worry about being cut off. It's a completely relaxed vacation. It's great. The whole family is very happy.
  • cccjjj
    Every aspect of the room is very good, the breakfast at the landlord's house is also very good.
  • cjw099
  • lwbicl
    It's all pretty good, but it's worse than the cost performance of the three people!
  • yunfei_990805
    B & B is clean and comfortable. The boss and the landlady are nice. They are good at cooking. Praise one.
  • GardySu
    Very good. The environment is good. The room is quiet, clean and comfortable. It's a very pleasant holiday
  • AMY085
    The environment is good, the facilities are also good, suitable for friends to travel.
  • blueair
    The water like room is large, warm and clean. Sitting on the windowsill, you can just see the river view. It is outside the central section of the ancient town. I am very satisfied.
  • angletoto
    Wuzhen B & B hotel is very good. The environment is simple. Open the window to the river. Watching the hand rowing boat pass by, the house is very clean and the food is well cooked. It's worth staying
  • xinran0428
    The surrounding environment of the hotel facilities is very good, but it's too accessible, the transportation is inconvenient, and the price is a little expensive
  • ellaliu118
    When I ordered 510, I thought it was a little expensive. After I stayed, I thought it was great. Breakfast was so delicious that I had no friends. I ordered more wonton, but I didn't add any money. I was moved.
    Wuzhen B & B in Tongxiang is located on the north and south sides of xizha city river, either facing the water or facing the street. When you go out and step into the continuous xizha old street, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city river by pushing the window. Although it is a B & B, there are exquisite guest rooms with different styles. From guest room design to tableware setting, it reflects the gentle style of Jiangnan everywhere. Each guest room is equipped with modern living facilities, including air conditioning, water heater, telephone, cable TV, free broadband network and other modern facilities. In Wuzhen B & B in Tongxiang, you can fully integrate into the local life, drink porridge and have a family routine by the water Pavilion; Or drink Baiju tea and have a quiet tea. At night, the quiet and comfortable ancient town will let you enjoy sleeping in the water. The boss of B & B is very warm to the guests and feels at home.
  • bettyfoo
    The room was very good, the landlord was very friendly, and the handsome guy who received us was very good. We'll stay at their house in the future.
  • clear0606
    The room is clean... The boss is enthusiastic... It's convenient to visit around and fry chicken!! fabulous!
  • feyu888
    It's very distinctive and hygienic. There's no charge for the battery car between the scenic spot and the B & B. It's very user-friendly. The landlord's service is very good! Although the location is closer to the inside, it's very quiet and won't be inconvenient at all! B & B can achieve such a level, which is really worthy of praise and recommendation!
  • e00001287
    Good location and breakfast. It's just a little expensive
  • Apple641013
    Not bad
  • tys219
    Wuzhen is not bad. It is one of the well managed ancient towns in China.
  • angelinelo
    Located in the front section of Wuzhen scenic area, the room is a three person room. You can see the river view from the window, but it is not the river on xizha street. Breakfast is OK. Dinner can be used in the home stay. The workmanship is good and the price is OK.
  • leeone
    It was a very good travel experience. I lived at the B & B No. 59. It was quiet in the middle of prosperity. The room was very clean and the boss was also very fun. When I checked in, I sent two snow strips to cool us down and took good care of our breakfast the next morning. The management of the scenic spot is also in place. The environmental health services are very good and considerate. But the time is limited. Otherwise, I really want to stay for a few more days before leaving. It's good.... come on.
  • dandandeddd
    The beautiful west gate, the independent small building, the parents and children's room, let us enjoy the life of the pillow water people. The landlord's breakfast is delicious
  • dong19950304
    Wuzhen unified management of B & B is really good, toiletries and slippers are very good, breakfast is available in the morning, it's a little far from the gate of xizha scenic area, but it's just a walk to complete a whole circle
  • deter
    very nice
  • Shell ME
    Accommodation in the scenic spot, average cost performance
  • catcan
    I feel very good about Wuzhen B & B in Tongxiang. When you get to the ticket office of xizha scenic area, you can check in directly. You can check in your luggage directly to the reserved B & B. you can go to dongzha first and then enter xizha. The B & B reservation is two rooms up and down, which is more suitable for a family. Although the room is relatively small, the conditions and cleanliness are similar to those of a 4-star hotel. Especially when I get up in the morning, listening to the birds and the gurgling water outside the window is really like crossing a hundred years ago. It is recommended that you stay in xizha scenic area. The night view is excellent, and the B & B food is delicious, and the price is cheap. It's really a good choice.