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Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang is distributed in the north and south banks of xizha city river, or facing the water or the street. When you go out and step into the continuous xizha old street, you can enjoy the beauty of the city river by pushing the window.
Although it is a B & B, there are exquisite guest rooms with different styles. From guest room design to tableware setting, it reflects the gentle style of Jiangnan everywhere. Each guest room is equipped with modern living facilities, including air conditioning, water heater, telephone, cable TV, broadband network and other modern facilities.
In it, you can fully integrate into the local life, drink porridge and play at home beside the water Pavilion; Go to the market to buy fresh vegetables and stew a pot of delicious fish soup; Or drink Baiju tea and have a quiet tea.
At night, the quiet and comfortable ancient town will let you enjoy sleeping in the water.
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FAQs when booking at Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang.

  • Does Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang?

    Each costs cny100 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Wuzhen Guest House(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang?

    The room prices is from cny190, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • aboutsome
    It is located at No.36 xizha street, in the middle of the whole scenic area. Outside the window is a small river. Sometimes, there is a canoe rowing by. The sound of the river is very good, and the room is very clean. Because it is a wooden structure, facing the street, it is noisy in the daytime, and it doesn't affect sleeping at night. B & B meals are also good. The two small tables near the lake are reasonable in price, fresh in ingredients and good in craftsmanship.
  • lynn_wj
    That's great.
  • gaillard13
    It's OK. It's just a little expensive
  • grieff
    The sanitation of the No. 56 family room is a little poor. It's generally OK.
  • Angleyuri
    It's my second stay in Wuzhen xizha. This inn is in the southwest corner of Wuzhen xizha scenic area, which is the innermost part of the scenic area, so it's a very quiet place. Simmons and pillows meet the standards of a five-star hotel. They are very comfortable and the room is clean. The landlord and his wife are also very polite, easygoing and responsive. Balcony design is to spend a little thought, half in the outdoor, generally indoor, but are relatively small, suitable for a person sitting in a daze. But the balcony of my room is closest to the bridge, so sitting on the outdoor balcony is a little noisy and embarrassing (very close to the pedestrians on the bridge). There is a drink machine in the room, which was not used in the inn before, very practical! The bathroom is also spacious and comfortable. The slippers, combs and soap in the room all have the characteristics of Wuzhen. Good!
  • railway1234
    They are all managed by the same administration. Although the rooms are not large, the facilities are awesome and the bathroom is good.
  • Rainbow Rainbow
    On the whole, xizha scenic spot of Wuzhen has been positioned as a leisure resort now. The consumption of food and housing is very expensive, and the price is not close to the people. In addition, we have to buy 120 yuan tickets to stay in xizha. It's really wrong. There is nothing to say about the hotel facilities and services. The breakfast includes two pieces of toast, a small piece of butter, two zongzi which are not much thicker than the thumb, and a small cup of milk which is not enough to drink. It's too unrealistic! Civilians don't recommend it.
  • spiderjwd
    Beautiful scenery, comfortable hotel, suitable for leisure, slow life, leisurely hair for a day
  • e00059967
    If you come to Wuzhen, you must stay at home! Although the price is more expensive than staying outside the scenic spot! But only when you live in the scenic spot can you really feel the seclusion of Jiangnan Water Town! Leisure! Otherwise, you can only rush from one scenic spot to another! The leisure life in Jiangnan will be far away from you! You must stay at home in Wuzhen!
  • e01857476
    It's much better than expected. I live in B & B No. 70, which is very close to the bar.
  • nic828
    Very good service
  • nono_tingo
    The hotel in the scenic area is very convenient and satisfactory. The rooms are clean and simple. The family of four is very comfortable. We will consider staying next time
  • gallantry123
    very nice! This time it's still Western style. My friend is very happy. Good location, beautiful night view!
  • jianglinlin00
    When you go to Wuzhen, you must stay at xizha B & B and enjoy the night view. The B & B is very characteristic and clean. The river view is outside the window. It's really beautiful
  • paddy
    We live in suite 37, although it is on the street, it will be a little noisy at night, but it still does not affect the mood of playing. In the morning, I open the side door and walk into the quiet street. It's a good feeling to walk in the small town. It's not a one-day tour.
  • leolordfox
    The room is really not big. It's good overall. It's very distinctive. The boss is very good
  • davidlilyboris
    not bad
  • guorena
    The environment is very good
  • E00163534
    The location of the hotel is good, the service of the water front room is quite friendly, and I will go there again in the future
  • jaxecn
    In the scenic area, you can sleep comfortably in Linshui
  • fu00001
    The location is relatively quiet, close to the water, the sanitation is also good, and the boss's cooking skills are good. Very good service attitude. It may be due to the transformation of the old house. The sound insulation of the room is very poor. Any movement next door can be heard, which is very disturbing.
  • DAVID677
    The house is nice and antique. The service was also very good. It's just that the houses are adjacent. It's a little noisy. Get up early and hurry
  • tangyu0423
    just so so
  • love-apple
    In the scenic spot, near Mao Dun Literature Museum, it is not far from all scenic spots. It is very convenient. The inn owner is very nice, has rich breakfast, good workmanship and considerate service, which is worth recommending
  • xj636835
    Living in a quiet home, the landlord's family are very nice and polite. The landlady cooks a good dish. My wife and I both feel that it suits our taste. The house is big, open the window to face a river, the night view is very beautiful, although under the drizzle, but also a charm. Hotel style management is good, although the price is a little expensive, but also worth a stay.
  • d01007872
    Very good
  • roger1101
    Yes, the landlady is very considerate.
  • lisayan20
    very nice ! very good ! fantastic !
  • Foxtiger
    The store was very friendly and the food was delicious. I live on the second floor. When I open the window, I can see the river. I can see the wupeng boat shuttling around. It's very delicious. I hope I can book such a B & B next time.
  • e00865103
    The room has floor heating, which is more comfortable than air conditioning. The decoration in the room is also very good. It feels antique. I recommend it
  • xiaof1970
    It's a good hotel. After reading the strategy, we said we would stay in xizha B & B, otherwise we regret that we booked late. Many room types are gone. We live in family suite D, two bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms, a single family house. There is also an entry hall and a table on the first floor. The floor is divided into two floors. The first floor is adjacent to water and the second floor is adjacent to the street. The house is antique. We live in room 22, and the Jinji pastry shop is at the door, Selling Dingsheng cakes. The room is very sanitary and small, but it's not big, but enough. There are all that should be. It's worth going. The landlord is also very friendly, that is, eating in the scenic spot is small and expensive, and the amount is not large. There are vouchers outside the public comments outside the scenic spot, so it is recommended to eat outside the scenic spot. It's not far.
  • li12137
    I'll come again. It's so nice
  • e00163435
    Living in the park for 3 nights, the shelf bed and wooden floor feel like a water town and experience different living environments, but there is a lack of cultural consumption in the park and suggestions to increase it
  • bacon2007
    It's great
  • e01347570
    Open the window to see the river. The environment is good. It's a little far from the entrance of the west gate, but it's in a busy place in the west gate. The landlord is very friendly. The room is clean and tidy.
  • a464656076
    The room is small
  • amysrr
    Very comfortable, very good, clean and tidy. Wuzhen is so beautiful. Yes, the landlord prepared a lot of side dishes. They were delicious.
  • jansencui
    Convenient transportation, quiet in noisy, clean room, warm layout.
  • carglass
    B & B is a quiet home for lovers
  • e00144943
    The accommodation conditions in the No. 70 B & B are basically the same according to the price difference. Although the owner may not be very warm, he is still considerate and polite. It seems that Wuzhen tourism management company still has a great deterrent to them. Everything is managed according to the regulations. Before leaving, they have lunch at their home at noon. The food for 13 people tastes good and ranks first in the public comments The Jin'an tunnel is full of real farmhouses. The chicken soup is very delicious
  • sgarden
    I got suite 32 at the front desk of xizha tourist center because some luggage entered the scenic spot by battery car rather than by boat. The service personnel in the scenic area are polite and indicate the way to the room. The room is one up and down, located in the middle of xizha street, slightly east. After check-in, I had lunch at the landlord. The price was set by the public in the scenic spot. It was reasonable and the taste was good. Similar rooms are very suitable for a family of three generations. Convenient location is very convenient for traveling in xizha. I hope I can go again when I have a chance.
  • elaineyu1972
    The location is very good. It's the river when you go out
  • lijiwen000
    It's great. The boss cooks, not to mention that the price is cheaper than outside.
  • blueyounglife
    I like this ancient town very much. The room is quiet
  • e00139172
    The service attitude of the hotel is good. The price of meals is not high. It's just a long way to go. I'll come again next time
  • caglli
    The west gate is in the middle
  • liaojun
    It's a little old and damp.
  • liangyan411
    It's just a little damp. The small balcony is good.
  • ranjunxiu
    Good environment, convenient location for travel
  • ring_cb
    We live in 61b B B & B, close to the river, the scenery is very good, the food is very delicious, recommended!
  • rabbit625
    The hotel is located in the middle of Wuzhen xizha scenic area. The environment is good. The rooms near the street are noisy (but tolerable). The service is very good and clean. The dishes taste good
  • stiga
    Very good. It feels wonderful to live near the river!
  • e00991095
    It's good. The location is easy to find.
  • e00086799
    The room is super warm because of the floor heating
  • cicy2008
    I like it as always. I've come here for the second time, and I still feel comfortable living in the scenic area. And the service attitude was very good. So it made me feel very happy
  • tingangel165
    Booked a family room, went to give 20, just two floors of a family. So the details were great. After going to dongzha, it was much worse. It is strongly recommended that you must live in xizha. It's great
  • jovy88
    Stay at B & B 69. The room is clean and well equipped. It is close to bar street, battery station and boat station
  • LMFPaul
    16C is very cost-effective. It is not on the main road. It is very quiet. Pushing the window is the river and Longxing field. There is direct drinking water in the house. The scenic spot is well managed and clean
  • crufo
    The hotel is in the innermost part of xizha, and the environment is very good. There is a coffee shop downstairs. There is a place to eat on the other side of the river. The room is also very large and very good! It is suggested that friends who come to Wuzhen don't go to dongzha! It's so deceptive. It's just a street selling things. It's better to west gate!
  • Ms lin
    Very good hotel
  • eddy-xin
    Living near water, simple outside and luxurious inside, is a good place in the world.