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Wuzhen Guest House (In Xizha Scenic Area - ticket not included) Tongxiang is a charming waterside guesthouse located in Wuzhen,  a canal town located in between Shanghai,  Suzhou and Hangzhou. Made up of a collection of local residences,  the Wuzhen Guesthouse straddles the southern and northern banks of the Shihe River.

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住客评论 5290条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • andywon
    Room was very small, usually! scenic spots from the accommodation, meals to play was totally tourist packages, is not worth it! commercial is too heavy!
  • ella1983
    Tongxiang Wuzhen Hotel shed night superb. unified management is also very good, well-ordered, breakfast very rich. If cheaper more better!
  • e00006855
    Room was beautiful, scenic beauty to look out. is that the window is kitchen, can't open the window. bathroom sewer over there not smell pervaded the entire bathroom.
  • colgate_gao
    Room was beautiful, scenic beauty to look out. is that the window is kitchen, can't open the window. bathroom sewer over there not smell pervaded the entire bathroom.
  • amy0929
    Well, it is a bit noisy, recommend!
  • songjialu2006
    A really good, young artists will live. to kill with intrigue picture. had planned to spend the night, canceled the results of the Suzhou trips and staying for one more day
  • timxinglong
    In scenic areas, to stay in Wuzhen tourism scenic spots, so one day tickets can be fully utilized, can see the town of morning and night, although House prices are more expensive, but worth it
  • bobing
    Hotel is mean, to slippers are is trouble, bathroom no slippers, on have light feet station in above bath, some not clean! breakfast enough eat, day night selected of when said only selected a copies, second days morning a see enough eat, more are no, also said we didn't mention more selected, clearly not let more selected does! service very general! and room is your, price too low has!
  • xgf109
    Environment well! good service!
  • alddelete
    Second to Wuzhen
  • Graceji
    Environmental aspects are very good, but also window listening to rain, is the bed small
  • dlyjd
    Super convenient! super good! is quietly home to his accommodation. public comment first. cheap ... right next to the Hanover red wine! night night great! had wanted to stay another night. results about full. start as early as possible.
    Others clauses, is said to be OK.
  • bj2008new
    Boom Boom Boom! style landlord is really super good cook something delicious?
  • baeyer
    Really recommend ever in Wuzhen, West Gate, must
  • lenawen
    The surrounding environment is clean and quiet, it is a meditation journey and inns boss cooks very satisfying,!
  • dongliangabctj
    Bed and breakfast in very good, next time
  • anlong
    Nice facilities is very good. at the extreme western area, a little far. soundproofing are lousy, noisy upstairs, almost 12 o'clock is still noisy, stairs also dub sound, very annoying
  • acc_sam
    Clean, and unique.
  • ldy19861123
    Management is very good, highly recommended, scenic and beautiful environment!
  • betsy_0314
    Excellent second stay at the accommodation service, as always, is the holidays there are so many people
  • gruby830216
    Bed and breakfasts in Wuzhen is enough, stay very comfortable, convenient!
  • g_sunway
    Scenic area of the clothing they are so landlords living and his wife are very friendly, I love it wow
  • cater421
    Great location and services like
  • liangliu84
    Good location and very quiet, the rooms are great, but only one Chair in the room and ask the receptionist, answers are only a Chair, without excess, incomprehensible. better services, scenic area management.
  • Freeman Li
    Nice and elegant environment, recommended?
  • duoerbao
    Picturesque, is too many people during the holidays. worth a visit!
  • laiyuec
    Well ... look at the town of Nice in the evening.
  • danae
    Small room, away from the noisy
  • leeone
    Is good of once tourism experience, live in people bed and breakfasts 59th,, Mong Kok in the with static, room is clean, boss also is fun, staying Shi sent has two snow article to we cooling, second days morning also is release heart care we of breakfast. scenic management also is in place, sanitation service, are is good is intimate, helpless time limited, or really wants to more live days again go, is good. refueling
  • Jijinmin
    Early days is room family Suite 3 beds very convenient town can this
  • newmessage
    Hotel location very good
  • LEE7708
    Very good, very clean!
  • lesley-alan
    This is the second time I came to Wuzhen, live folk are so good, landlords were very friendly, the whole town is still so clean, husband boast good, much better than some old town
  • milesmao
    Wuzhen environment very well, unfortunately, too commercial, and living in the West Gate is on, very beautiful, although more expensive, East Gate is really not recommended, too bad, tickets priced at $100, and very worth it
  • Flyboy
    Boss's attitude is very bad and the online description of completely different, very disappointing!
  • citygreens
    Wuzhen is to choose bed and breakfasts feeling a little.
  • leow726
    Be good houses, better in every way, only bad is eating, do not believe that only received two tables, because we are only two people, influenced by big business.
  • Mao GG
    Best bed and breakfasts, very romantic, nice decoration, very attentive service, the next time you come to live here
  • summerinbowl
    Room was quiet
  • AA2277885
    Rooms simple, very satisfied
  • e01636282
    Beautiful environment, comfortable accommodation conditions, it is worth living
  • cara li
    Eat pretty clean affordable! boss boss a fairly cordial!
  • e02666603
    Room was great ' window is scenery ' three of us live very comfortable ' boss is very passionate '
  • cansisano
    Coming to town the next day West Gate bed and breakfast in 69. 1, arrives the landlord sent the chrysanthemum tea, let us sit at the window and watch the scenery, check-in and complete breakfast. 2, enters the room exceeded expectations. cost-effective. rooms feature small details reveal Wuzhen., blue and white cloth slippers, wooden Combs, West Gate Entertainment, fine dining and hotels introduce books. 3, the window is Green River Bridge. but not cruise at night was very quiet, different from the downtown bed and breakfastsNoise. 4, only breakfast, there may be geographical problems. not used to the food here.
  • colleague
    Good service, breakfast, free parking very close
  • e00740067
    The hotel is located in West Gate scenic within. location's not is Center regional, near scenic of inside. on in black General temple there. West Gate itself also not is big. If you live in scenic within, has free of ferry car can shuttle. 4, 5 minutes on to. walk does, have a half hours's. Hotel containing breakfast. boss will in first time let you selected breakfast of things. facilities like of I think are is good, big bed room, has nets. we of room is II floor. people bed and breakfasts of boss home does alsoAre you can cook. may I take you order is. fair enough price. the boss very well. we live very comfortable ... lots of pics are too big, just upload some.
  • Rainbow66323
    Wuzhen commercial flavor is very strong, a bit like Lijiang, with than before is pretty petty, but less natural. Management look good.
  • jin656
    Very much recommended
  • bufferin
    Satisfaction, quietness, breakfast very good