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Wuzhen Homestay Tongxiang is located on the north and south banks of the river in Xizhai City, either facing the water or facing the street. Go out and step into the stretch of Xizhai Old Street.

Although it is a homestay, there are exquisite guest rooms with different styles. From the guest room design to the tableware distribution, it reflects the gentle style of Jiangnan everywhere. Each room is equipped with modern living facilities, including air-conditioning, water heater, telephone, cable TV, broadband internet and other modern facilities.

At Wuzhen Homestay Tongxiang, you can fully integrate into the local life, drink porridge and pull home at the Water Pavilion; go to the market to buy fresh vegetables and stew a pot of delicious fish soup; or sip white chrysanthemum tea and calm down.

At night, the peaceful and peaceful ancient town will let you sleep in the faint flowing water and enter your dreams sweetly.
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  • fiona871111
    Hotel is very good, still have clothes dryers, exceed expectations. mattress is too soft, and bedside no outlet. inside the West Gate for dinner is cheap, scenic unified price, eat, do not kill off
  • e03714654
    It is very warm, very clean, the environment is also very good
  • lynlj
    Small-business owners very friendly.
  • patty89
    Set of temple West Street 1.8 big bed room, in West Gate East of visitors Service Center do good staying, got attached map of voucher, learned that is people bed and breakfasts 69th,, in scenic of most West. sat battery go south of rain covered bridge while on to has. owner people is enthusiasm, to card of while selected fill has next day morning of breakfast single. room not small, antique, ranging. room linhe, River on is water theatre. set of when does not know people bed and breakfasts of location, happened to we to see ofGreen Snake on in water Theatre, quite convenient. scenic within alley and waterway are extending in all directions, as has luggage can free by boat in visitors center and people bed and breakfasts between between checked. breakfast taste good, and no in people bed and breakfasts within eat dinner. see wall Shang of menu, price and weight by people bed and breakfasts Association unified agreed, although slightly your, but without worried was slaughter. certainly each home people bed and breakfasts also has himself of features dish for selected. in I seems everyone are very gas, a modified other water scenic dirty of impression, Management practices, and pleasant scenery.
  • e00244256
    Water room has a small balcony, there is a small Pier that stretched open by the River, you can see the boats through, someone walked over the bridge, but the room was very small. it is also the Academy room, price, amenities like hotels, and the window was facing the large fields of rape, feeling better.
  • xiyueren
    Highly recommend this bed and breakfasts in rooms at the 67th home. owners young hospitality, accommodation clean and warm, next time will go.
  • e00266434
    Bed and breakfasts in all hotels in Wuzhen unified management, good health, was not selected housing position, advance booking may be a little better.
  • JimBi
    Thanks to the landlord's exquisite breakfast, sat by the river and enjoy the town's quiet, don't have a flavor, value
  • e04670909
    If you count the beautiful scenic area is very good, if hotels are generally
  • cc458189940
    Hotel location is very good, good service, room is a little small.
  • loveyy
    Live near water, 67th home! room very special! good!
  • lisaling
    Inn at West Gate. our family suite of water. very clean. window is the river.
  • PalmerGrace
    Nice dining environment around a bit
  • carrie881019
    Landlord couple very good, very friendly. very quiet at night, rivers do. terrace near the water is a bit small with no regrets, but the outside grass garden, sitting on the balcony with a blue and white teapot in some chrysanthemums, and quietly enjoy the feeling of afternoon tea, Yes. places to eat at the water's edge, watching the boat coming and going, drink wine very pleasant
  • lm800517
    Very nice hotel, breakfast was good, room facilities, room was very small,
  • orange0571
    Boss is really nice, good service
  • gwcxwd
    Wife of very warm, and her baby daughter is very sensible, helping my mother with a long, feeling very warm.
  • jone_wjm
    Inn at the West Gate area, surrounding scenery, but did not stay good rooms, slightly regret.
  • M00244129
    Very good! we are pleased with 8 people lived. Wuzhen must come to West Gate one night. in addition to the room a bit noisy Street, and other very good! good enough a full breakfast. Bed and breakfasts in other individual (watched, most of the bed without balcony, so I said 'individual'), slightly less than that of water without balcony, eating place is rather than on the balcony of the room.
  • fingerlingsea
    Room beyond the expected! this is awesome! place to live far away from the entrance, but very quiet at night! for a good sleep! boss offers a lot for breakfast! eat full stomach! and boss helped battery tourist car, close yo!
  • Jessica_mao
    There is a feeling of staying at someone's House, it is not GE. landlord tell very warm, breakfast at home by aunt landlords do, good, portion is enough, bed and breakfasts in Tongxiang Wuzhen hotel management are very standardized.
  • lujoyce11
    Was assigned to the end of the street there is no balcony, and expected a difference of one point in a bit of a disappointment, but the room was very stylish and health services are very good, and very quiet, balcony is some scenery!
  • e02104644
    Environment is very good, staying here next time.
  • Jeffliu70
    At the West Gate area, river view, nice
  • lesley-alan
    This is the second time I came to Wuzhen, live folk are so good, landlords were very friendly, the whole town is still so clean, husband boast good, much better than some old town
  • dcc2004
    Settled in the West Gate at this bed and breakfasts, and clean, elegant, good boss, all services are in place.
  • ryanfan1977
    OK, suitable for a family holiday.
  • jumboliu
    Rooms are great! just smell a bit musty-carpet feeling---but overall is great! how chose to live---!
  • E2345
    Hotel nostalgia keeps Jiangnan features. the boss is very nice, West Gate has a beautiful night
  • e03297088
    To force, the place Wuzhen, is to stay in bed and breakfasts to play taste, good accommodation conditions. Special night go back to bed, get up in the morning and then a circle, very sensible. Noisy at night, the quiet beauty of the morning. Wuzhen, I will certainly come again next time.
  • tinati
    Second that, really like it here, quiet, rooms were clean, quiet surrounding, there are food and drink
  • Miss RRR.
    Room a warm, elegant, service was good, food very good, next time I will choose there!
  • ringxiang
    Staying at home, and a very good environment, the most important meal in his house a lot, affordable, good!
  • fire-flag
    Environment is very good, very clean, the wife of very warm, it is a bit far.
  • lisaray
    Well, as good as last time
  • F09C28
    ? ? ? ?.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • dongjingliulang
    Scenic cannot ask too much, the price can, the next day a sudden rain, can also bring an umbrella to a scenic entrance to return, very human, c 2 sets of family rooms. in the 36th to eat supper, tastes good, upload a photo is the view outside the window upstairs and downstairs room.
  • e01099701
    Room is good for a large family staying at a roast lamb under shop smoke is heavy
  • tc562
    Like self-contained cottage feel, exterior simplicity, rooms comfortable, suitable for many people.
  • daniel8465
    Big bed room set, because with the kids would like to quilt, just get back to whatever, and later gave, not human, in Lavender gardens on the edge of good
  • lsw1109
    That's great, the highlight of the trip!
  • boya3698
    Service very friendly
  • ManyVisa
    Kui is a bed and breakfast in scenic, nice boss special enthusiasm, unified management of accommodation is, next time you go to bed and breakfasts, and price was acceptable.
  • babe face
    Great bed and breakfasts, landlord family friendly, breakfast good, taste good, highly recommended.
  • e00090007
    All right
  • sunnycao
    6 large 2 small, a House of three rooms, comfortable, convenient. for friends to play at home, planning is very good, breakfast was rich, doing good, is an eating place is crowded, only 2 tables, it is recommended that separate hours for dinner. area to bring broadband, unlimited broadband is not very good, sometimes not.
  • liapplefeng
    Very satisfied, very unique. reasonable price next time this
  • Sab Tan
    Very good. and dryer is in the room. easy. the night is quiet
  • lotus9
    Good good good
  • lxf177
    Room is clean, service is good, room is too small!