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Wuzhen's jing district is ready for a 24-hour cold snap

Date: 2020-12-30

Affected by the cold wave, facing severe cooling, strong wind, rain and snow weather, Wuzhen scenic area in accordance with the "safety first, prevention first" policy, combined with previous winter low temperature experience, formulated anti-freezing operation guarantee program, all departments have taken active action, to do a good job in response to the defensive measures.

The supporting support Department of the scenic spot has set up mobile, emergency repair team, anti-freeze repair materials preparation, emergency repair members are on call 24 hours a day, to ensure the normal operation of the scenic spot, tourists warm tour.The supporting support Department arranges staff to carry out routine checks on all kinds of outdoor pipes, water meters and valves every day, especially the pipes and fan pipes prone to frost cracking in the past years. Meanwhile, the use of direct drinking water points inside and outside the scenic spot is suspended.All the operating hotels in the scenic area turn on the circulation system of domestic hot water, and some locked hotels turn on the circulation of domestic hot water at low temperature to ensure the daily flow of water discharged by tap water.Places with central air conditioning on in the scenic spot should be circulated in the whole region, and places without central air conditioning should be operated at low temperature throughout the whole region. In addition, all the places with electronic valves at the end should be opened to ensure tourists' comfort and comfort.

The comprehensive butler Department of the scenic spot has deployed the industrial salt, sacks, shovels, broom and other anti-freeze and anti-skid materials in place in advance, carried out 24-hour on-duty inspection, strengthened security patrol at night, and laid and collected anti-skid bags for the wooden platform, river port, bridge and remote areas in the scenic area where the ice is serious. On this basis, increase the frequency of patrol in the laojie area, check the eaves, doors and Windows, gate doors, wooden railings, outdoor taps, exposed pipes and fire hydrants along the street, and contact with supporting departments when problems are found, so as to ensure the safety of the scenic spot to the maximum extent.