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Wuzhen scenic spot is getting stronger every year, and the hotel is busy with bacon

Date: 2021-01-02

After the beginning of winter, the flavor of the Wuzhen scenic spot became stronger and stronger. The landlords of the Wuzhen scenic spot began to develop their own secret bacon and bacon. So far, the Wuzhen scenic spot still retains the traditional custom of making bacon during the New Year and the whole family reunite to eat bacon.

As soon as the heavy snow has passed, the real winter festival in Wuzhen will begin. Every household in the Wuzhen scenic area is busy picking salted meat, chicken, duck, fish and other salty goods. Along the Xishi River, there is a dazzling array of items, and it is the coldest of the year. The season is to be full of celebration and preparation for the New Year.

At Wuzhen B&B, we met the landlord Aunt Liu who was busy hanging bacon. Using fresh raw materials, she processed them into fragrant delicacies. There were also big tricks in it. Aunt Liu told us that at this time of the year, the landlords of the guesthouses in Wuzhen Scenic Area will start to marinate meat one after another. We usually say that the family has begun to marinate meat, which means that the Chinese New Year is coming.

Aunt Liu’s bacon is particularly delicious. Her family has kept this bacon for many years. Before, she had marinated it and waited for the whole family to eat during the Chinese New Year. Now I have opened a homestay in the scenic spot, and I have also thought of a lot of ways, thinking about how to marinate the meat delicious. There are also chicken, duck, fish, and sausages, which children love to eat. In addition, it is especially suitable for pickling radishes in winter. Put some vinegar and some ginger to make it crispy. In short, if you want to eat, you will prepare some for the Chinese New Year.

"When I was young, I saw my parents bacon, and I really wanted to eat it from the beginning; now in my generation, I choose a good pork belly and buy all the salt, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, ginger and other condiments. The preparation is complete. Spread the salt evenly on the pork, then put it into the prepared sauce jar, and then take it out every few days and turn it over. After drying, it will be ready to serve in about half a month."

Aunt Liu said: “The steps to marinate bacon are actually not cumbersome. We will bacon every Chinese New Year, which is a sense of ritual for the whole family to get together. Once a homestay is opened, tourists from all over the world can do it. I was very happy when I tasted our bacon."